Mobypicture plugin v1.2.1 beta

Output Mobypicture plugin v1.2.1 beta

One of the comments received on the Mobypicture plugin is that it ignores the image style settings included the WP theme style.css that is being used. I have extended the plugin with an additional function that only retrieves the images from and does not include any formatting. You will have to include img.mobypic with the desired settings in your style.css


1. As always download the plugin and put contents in your wp-content/plugins folder and activate the plugin.

2. Open the theme style.css and include the class img.mobypic in the image handling section (if you have one ;-) ). I used these settings for my test:

img.mobypic img.mobypicture_raw{
padding: 2px;
margin: 0 2px 3px 0;
border: 1px solid #2772B3;
width: 50px;
height: 50px;

3. Next, open the file sidebar.php in your favorite editor and include the following code at the desired location. Don’t forget to change the username. Of course you can change the other settings to your liking as well:

<h2>Mobypicture_raw Test</h2><ul>
<?php mobypicture_raw($public = false, $group = false, $username = chillez73, $num = 9, $square = true, $linked = true); ?>

That’s it!
Download version 1.2.1 beta here. Public release v1.2.1 now available here.

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